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(Items we provide: Aprons, Canvases, Easels, Paint Brushes, Paint, Plastic Cups, Table Cloths, and Floor Covers.) 


(Items you will need to provide: Tables and Chairs (Contact us if you need assistance))

2 hour paint party

(30 min set up/30 min breakdown)

Choose up to 3 designs to paint. Each additional design is $5. 

10 person minimum

$30 per person.

Begin the booking process to see our calendar and availability.

1 hour paint party 

(30 min set up/30 min breakdown)

For children ages 5-15, choose up to 3 designs to paint. Each additional design is $5.


10 person minimum  

$20 per person

Begin the booking process to see our calendar and availability.

We are now providing paint kits delivered to your front door!

Choose up to 3 designs to paint. Each additional design is $5.


 Currently serving Texas residents.

Are you interested in having a professional DJ and/or photographer at your paint party? Look no further, we've got you covered.


Make sure to ask about our music and photography packages for your next event! 

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how long will we paint?

2 hours 
1 hour

Can we choose what we paint?


We can also help you choose a painting if you need assistance. 

what is the cost per person?

$30 ea.
$20 ea.

is  there a travel fee? 


A travel fee is applied to all bookings depending on event location and ranges from $35-$75 from Dallas to Austin.

when can we  book? 

Click here for adult calendar,
click here for child calendar. 

Here are a few pics from some of our favorite paint parties to date! 

At age three, Sven Nickerson began drawing and his parents discovered his gift. While in school, he received many accolades from his artwork and was featured in the Star Telegram for creating the mascot and logo for the Arlington Humane Society. After graduating from Sam Houston High, having not received any scholarships for his basketball talents, Nickerson fell into a deep depression and ceased to pursue his gift of art. 

Seven years later, after taking courses at Tarrant County College and the University of Phoenix, Nickerson found inspiration to pick up his pencils and brushes and pursue his gift again. With guidance from local artists' Sanah Brown, Anita Mays, and Kinfolk D-Dub, he learned and applied new techniques and business strategies to his passion becoming the phenomenal artist that he is today. 

"I enjoy hosting paint parties because it helps people appreciate art while having fun. I also love karaoke, so why not just combine the two?"

Nickerson sees a future with 7ART franchises in major cities throughout the US. Having a soft spot for helping the disadvantaged, Nickerson, also co-founder of Faith Walkers Charities expresses his desire to develop partnerships with hospitals and homes servicing seniors and children with disabilities. 



Dallas/Fort Worth/Austin


Daily 11a-8p

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